1st British Full Contact title 1995

1st British Full Contact title 1995



Darryl Cross

Darryl began Martial Arts training, forty-five years ago with Judo aged eleven. After eighteen months, he changed to Karate for a year. He then moved onto Kung Fu and has studied it ever since.

Whilst learning Kung Fu, he has studied many other styles of Martial Art along the way – Muay Thai, Kali / Escrima, Ju-jitsu, Taekwondo, Silat, Jeet Kune Do, Western Boxing, Tai Chi Chuan – Chen Man Ching / Lee (Li), and Yang 24 step.

In 1979 Darryl along with other Instructors in South Wales, UK, broke away from the’ main body’ of The International Wu Shu Association / Feng Shou (Kung Fu) Headed by Grandmaster Chee Soo, and formed The Feng Yang Sau Kung Fu Association (also known by some as – The South Wales Schools of Self Defence).
This was headed by Sifu Derrick Williams, who was a 4th Tengchi, and at that time second in rank only to Chee Soo himself.
Within a few years Sifu Williams decided for personal reasons to stop teaching, and left his two established classes at Pontypool and Abertillery in the trusted hands of Darryl.

Darryl had by this time been Graded to 1st Tengchi/ Black Sash (Instructor), by a panel of Black Sashes, including Sifu Williams (with Andre Lasota and Chris. Jenkins). Sifu Williams had also taught Darryl the ‘Chen Man Ching’ ( Yang Style ) Tai Chi Chuan form,( whom he had learned, from a Chinese teacher in London – Ho). Many people who knew him, did not know that Sifu Williams had also studied ‘Fong Yang Hong Chang / Beggar Art’ whilst in Singapore when travelling with the merchant navy.

After completing an apprenticeship, Darryl stayed within Mechanical Engineering for another five years. He then changed careers and became a Fireman. At the end of the Gulf war, he spent almost two months in Iraq in 1991 – Operations Desert Storm / Provide Comfort.

Darryl has been on T.V. a number of times, and has appeared as a stunt fighter in Dr. Who. He has had successes in Britain and around the World in Semi-Contact, Light-Continuous, and Full-Contact Fighting.

He has visited, fought and trained in China on two occasion in 1996 and  2000. He has appeared in a number of Martial Arts Magazines over the years. He has also written a regular health / fitness page in a monthly magazine.

Darryl has great respect for many Masters both here in the U K and in China who have helped him to open his eyes and achieve a deeper understanding of his Kung Fu, and helping him to try to better himself as a human being through its practise.

Married to Claire and has two children.  Kali – Jade his daughter (who was named after the Ancient Phillipino Martial Art) that Darryl had studied Under Guru Dan Inosanto and Bob Breen in the mid-eighty’s, also his son Ollie.

Darryl is currently the Welsh Coach of San Shou (Full Contact fighting) and Wales Director of Kuoshu. He has also been British Coach.

Darryl was graded to ‘ Sifu ‘ / Master Grade (5th Degree) by the fighters of ‘ Ching Wu ‘ in Guang Zhou, Southern China in 2000.

In  2006  he became British Champion in Qingda – Light Contact fighting, and also British Champion in Shuai Jiao – Chinese throwing Art ( The fore-runner of Judo).

One week later, he then fought Internationally in Germany –  representing Team G.B.  Competing with fighters half his age he became European Champion in Light-Contact fighting … aged forty-six. On winning this, he decided it, a good time to retire from fighting. He was approached then to coach Team G.B. in the World Kung Fu Championships in 2009. Where he helped team G.B. accomplish their best medal haul ever, finishing third highest in the World that year, .

He achieved his sixth Tengchi Grade in 2013.

Sifu says “Age is but a number, don’t bother yourself with it,  just smile and keep going” and “Once you start your journey, keep going, as there is no end to the road in front of you”