Ollie Cross

Ollie   Cross 

Ollie Cross is twenty-three years old and currently lives in  Bournemouth, England. On gaining his A levels, he became a student of The University of Warwick, studying English and German.

He started his Martial Arts training twenty years ago sparring with his older sister when aged just two.

To gain a base, aged four, he started. Taekwondo…from there he moved on to Judo, and then in early 1999 aged just seven, he began studying Kung Fu. This he feels has given him confidence.

He achieved his 1st Tengchi/Black Sash Grade in 2006, after studying three times every week for seven years. When home, he still religiously trains regularly through the week. He loves Kung Fu and feels that, though he joined the Senior Class aged just thirteen, he got fitter, stronger and better at every class. Though he particularly enjoys Sparring and Ground-work, he enjoys all aspects of the Art.

He has been ‘Junior British Champion’ on five occasions. He was also honoured to win the ‘Matthew Kellett Award for ‘Best Male Fighter’ at the British Championships.

In 2006 Ollie accompanied the British Team to Neu Ulm in Germany to compete in the European Championships. Two years later, he returned to compete in The World Championships where he brought home a Gold Medal and a World Title. In 2012 he passed his 2nd Tengchi/ Black Sash Grading.

He lived in Aschafenburg, Germany for a year, teaching English. He is currently a teacher of English, on the South coast of England.

Ollie’s other main interest is football refereeing. His ambition is to pursue refereeing as far as he can take it. He is currently progressing through the ranks in the English Leagues.

Ollie’s words of wisdom are

” Practice makes master” and “Nothing is perfect”.