Mike Brown


My name is Mike Brown and I’m fifty years old. I live in Abertillery, South Wales and work with ‘plastics’ in Cwmbran. I am married to Sian and have two sons – Daniel and Sam. I started Kung Fu back in 2002 and have achieved a 1st Tengchi/Black Sash.

I have trained before, but the Class that was supposed to be Wing Chun was not a true representation of the style. The guy said he was an Instructor, but we found to our disappointment that he was indeed no such thing. Therefore I looked at myself as pretty much a Novice when starting in FYSKF.

I like all that Kung Fu has to offer but particularly Forms, Sparring, Chi Sau-sticking hands, Groundwork, short -stick, locks…pretty much all of it I suppose.

Outside of Kung Fu I keep fit by visits to the gym and my beloved mountain bike. Though I always try to train every week in the classes, and run the Abertillery class with my Kung Fu brother Mark.

I also enjoy relaxing by walking with my children and caravanning breaks.

My ambition is – to keep studying the Kung Fu with Sifu and to stay healthy. The Kung Fu seems to do a good job of this.

Words of wisdom “If it makes you feel good…keep doing it”.