Mark Gwilliam

Mark Gwilliam


Hi – My name is Mark Gwilliam I am forty-six years old. I have a wife Sarah and three children who are all boys. Matthew, Shaun and Steven.

Steven my youngest, trains at the Abertillery Class.

I work as a Contracts Co-ordinator in Newport South Wales.

I originally started Kung Fu training a few years before, with what I was led to believe was Wing Chun. But after some time training I realised all was not what it seemed. 

I found out later that the ‘so called’ Instructor was not actually qualified to teach at all, and that he had been taking our money and also grading us under complete false pretences. I was surprised that there are still ‘cowboys’
out there today.

It was then I started training with Sifu. I now know what real Kung Fu Wu-shu is. After five years of hard training at least three times every week, I have achieved a First Tengchi/Black Sash Grade. I really enjoy the Kung Fu particularly the Ground-work and weapons training.

I look forward to keep improving and learning more weapons and more about myself.

My other interests are Rugby, which I coach a local youth side. Also football which I watch on t.v. 

I also like to watch other sports.

My ambition is just to keep going. I run the Abertillery class with Mike Brown my ( Tung Moon) Kung Fu brother.

Words of wisdom ” If you get up one more time than you fall down…you’ll make it through”.