Kevin Jones

Kevin Jones is age sixty and lives in Cwmbran,  South. Wales. He has three sons, one daughter and two grandchildren. He is retired.

Kevin has been training for thirty-five years in this Style. In 2016 he Graded to 3rd Teng-chi/ 3rd Degree Black Sash.

He was  interested in learning Kung Fu in the mid-seventies, but didn’t actually start until the early 80’s. Kevin loved the Bruce Lee films, and had become a big fan. He worked with Sifu at the time ( who was a Mechanical Engineer) and mentioned that he would like to start training. Sifu invited him along to watch a class. Kevin went along, loved it, and has been practicing ever since. Kevin began training in Kung Fu way back in 1982 at Pontypoo,l S. Wales, under Sifu Derrick Williams (4th Tengchi).

Kevin likes the philosophy side of Kung Fu, also the physical testing and the mental discipline required to be able to perform to the best of your ability. Kevin calls it the whole journey. He sees in the ‘West’ many classes who  actually only teach a small part of the Martial Art. I have gone to classes where students train hard and sweat a lot, but do not attain ‘good Kung Fu’.

Apart from a ‘forced break’ from training in 1991, Kevin has trained in and stayed loyal to the Chinese Martial Art of Kung Fu Wu Shu and this style. He is very pro-Kung Fu, seeing, when trained – and used properly, to truly enhance one’s life.

Kevin started Kung Fu in his mid-twenties and therefore maybe missed his best years of competition. But he has fought and enjoyed competing in Semi-contact tournaments with some success, and has good memories of fights and trophies and medals won.

He was the ‘cornerman’ and ‘second’ of Sifu on almost every occassion of ‘Full Contact fighting’, travelling around the country and attending the gruelling daily training sessions and sometimes a sparring partner. Kevin has experience in the Boxing Gym also and for years has attended and helped out there, coaching the skills and ‘worked’ the focus-mitts, which he sees as a great training aid. Also he was interviewed on the HTV channel before one of Sifu’s British title defences and ‘sparred’ with Sifu in ‘The Garage Gym’ for a TV performance on the same channel – before Sifu went to China in 1996.

Kevin is a true student of traditional Kung Fu Wushu who trained with Master Ho and still trains regularly at the classes.

In his spare time Kevin is a big fan of his favourite football team, Wolverhampton Wanderers, and is a ‘season ticket’ holder there. Kevin won a few football trophies during his playing time.

Kevin says his ambition is be the fittest grand-dad still training, and to train with his grand-children. Also to visit China one day.

Kevin’s message to any student still training is. 

“Its not your age its your attitude to life”.
And … “Kung Fu is a journey, not a destination”.