John Higginson

John Higginson -Foot sweep  JOHN – FOOT-SWEEP ON KRISTIAN

John Higginson began training in Kung Fu around Thirteen years ago. He has also studied Muay Thai and Western boxing, but found them to be ‘hard’ styles where you bludgeon the opponent. He prefers the softer though not less effective style he currently studies. He moved away from the area for around a year and as there was no local class, he stopped training. As soon as he moved back into the area, John immediately began training again in this style of Kung Fu. He attempted and passed his 1st TengChi/ Black Sash Grading in December 2012. John is thirty-seven and has a seven year old daughter ‘ Faith’, who shows me on a regular basis that even the smallest of people when they apply themselves in the right way, can subdue people much bigger than themselves. (She has recently started training in Kung Fu).

I work as a self employed tree surgery contractor and although I am relatively new to the industry I have taken to it with great gusto. I have found that my training has helped me immensely in what is a very physical and demanding job. Being thrown around in training gives you a resilience to bangs and knocks and keeps you strong and supple. On two occasions I have “defended” myself from falling branches once with tea cup footwork and once with a heaven staff block.

For me the best thing about the kung fu is that, like all arts the longer you do them and the more you practice the better the experience. There is nothing more satisfying than responding to a challenge with a natural unconscious response.

As the quote goes “when there is an opportunity, I do not hit, it hits all by itself.” Another quote which I think is quite apt to our style is a old Zen quote “move and the way will open”.