Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan

My name is Jason Morgan and I am thirty-eight years old. I have lived most of my life in and around Cwmbran, South Wales, but a few years ago, I moved to Nantwich in Cheshire.

My mother who is a Black Belt in Aikido and my older brother started Kung Fu
training ‘privately’ at The Garage Gym’ in South Wales in 1995. 

In 1997, I, along with my younger brother Adam, followed them to train privately with Sifu, and have never looked back. We trained together there for a number of years learning ‘Hand of the Wind Style’ Kung Fu. I also enjoyed some success in Sparring Competitions around the country, winning a British Full Contact Kung Fu title in Liverpool when just eighteen years of age.

I then had to take a year or two off from training to attend University and gain my Degree.

Initially I came out of University and began working on oil rigs in the North Sea. But I then changed jobs, to become a ‘ geo-technical engineer.’
The reason I started Kung Fu was for self-defence and to keep fit. I had previously studied Aikido for a brief period.

I like all aspects of this system of Kung Fu, as the style offers so much depth along with so many challenges along the way.

I have found that here, there are constantly new things to learn. I initially trained for around five years, then took a ‘forced’ break for University. I came back, and after training hard for a few more years, I achieved my 1st Tengchi/Black Sash. I then felt that I had found another door that had been opened, to another room, full of ‘more knowledge and practice’.

I recently, in 2016 after a lot of hard training, passed my 2nd Tengchi/Black Sash Grade. Now another door opens to more knowledge.
I spend my spare time with my family, my three horses and practicing my Kung Fu.

I hope to keep practicing this style of Kung Fu and to pass on my knowledge
and the joy the style offers to others.

I have opened a class in Crewe, some years ago. This has been so successful that, I have now started another two classes.
Though the style is quite traditional and we don’t participate in a lot of Sport sparring, we still do spar with some effectiveness. I believe that it helps you to sharpen some aspects of yourself. To this end in 2001 I won the BCCMA British Full Contact Kung Fu Championships in Liverpool.

In 2011 I became British Champion in Qingda – Light Contact fighting.

Then I eventually trained one of my students to win a British Title in Qingda. To me this proves our style is adaptable and works within all styles and rules of competition.

In the near future, I hope to achieve my Third Tengchi/ Black Sash Grade. But before this I wished to train up two of my students to,  First Tengchi/BlackSash level. They both achieved their Grading to Black Sash on 3rd November 2019.