Grading – make sure your ready for your’s…

September 12, 2017


Keep training, to make sure, you are ready to go, immediately as soon as the lock-down ends…


Four Winds Gym 20th February 2020

Congratulations to:

8th Pan – Daffydd Berry, John Ketchlove, Nigel Mills, Wayne Morgan.


12th February 2020

1st Bu – Ellis Edwards, Fred Edwards.

3rd Bu – Lily Berry

4th Bu – Dipro Iwan Kar

5th Bu – Logan Bennett, Liam Edwards

7th Bu – Georgina Evans, Lidia Ketchlove.


Wychwood, Cheshire  29th February 2020

Congratulations to:

2nd Bu – Sam Holden, Esmei Tan, Ottis Tan

4th Bu – Tessa Thorley

5th Bu – Amy Palmer, Sam Palmer, Timothy Thorley

6th Bu – Aaron Boston

9th Pan – Luke Gidion

8th Pan – Valerie Tan

5th Pan – Andrew Booth, Peter Lycett, Jessica Palmer, Matthew Palmer, David Thorley.   











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