Chee Soo

Chee Soo


Dr. Hua Tuo/Yuan Hua lived in China in the Han Dynasty almost 2000 years ago. He was a physician who it was written, developed among many other things, Chi Gung exercises. Fung Yang Sau Kung Fu is a root of the Li family style (originator Li Ho Hsieh) of Feng Shou / Fung Sau that originated in the fishing village of Wei Hei Wei in Shandong Province, China, around this time.

The art is of Taoist origin. The style is a ‘soft’ style. That is to say it is soft in defence, but can be hard in offence. It was brought to this country by Li Chan Kam, a dealer in precious stones. He started a class in Red Lion Square, Holborn, London in the 1930’s for friends and their families.  Only Chinese students were taught at this time. He befriended a Chinese orphan boy in a park – Clifford Chee Soo, whom, after years of dedicated practise, learnt the Art of ‘Hand of the Wind Kung Fu WuShu’.

The National WuShu Association was formed in 1951. (Then, tragedy, in 1953/4 Li Chan Kam was drowned when his ship sank in the South China Seas ).
In 1958 ‘The association name  changed,  to The International WuShu Association, which was ‘Presided’ over by Chee Soo.

In 1979 a group of Instructors ‘headed’ by Chee Soo’s highest graded student, Sifu Derrick Williams, felt obligated to leave ‘the association’ after seeing the changes brought into the style and the ‘watering down’ of the Kung Fu.

The ‘Feng Yang Sau Kung Fu Association’ was formed.

‘Sifu Derrick Williams later retired and handed the running of his two classes to Darryl Cross – 1981.
After visiting China. Training and fighting full Contact bouts there in 1996 and 2000 Darryl Cross was given the title ‘Si-Fu’ by the fighters of the world famous Chin Woo Association in Guang Zhou, Southern China.

Sifu had by now trained with many Masters of different styles of Kung Fu, and had discussed with them his Kung Fu System. He realised that the current Association had ‘Westernised’ the art so much, that it now little resembled the original Kung Fu.

On returning home, Sifu made a promise to himself, to keep true to the Kung Fu WuShu by re-naming the style, Fung (Yang) Sau Kung Fu Association’- as it had been called in the 1970’s, also to distinguish it from other’s of Feng ‘Yang’ Sau who he believed were teaching little actual Kung Fu and though had many ‘able’ and good fighters, sadly lacked the ethics, standards and depth of true Kung Fu WuShu.

Classes are currently only in certain areas of the country, at this time, but as more Feng Shou Instructors see this Art, in it’s true form, Taught by Sifu, they are joining up to the FYSKFA to teach recognised, good Chinese Martial Arts.